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This effort is designed to inform, advise, evaluate and warn about business apps for iPhone/iPads for business, developers, issues and editorial. 

Due to interest the links from the icons below are to the Apple versions only.  You can easily find other versions from the links.

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Third, we don't have all the answers but willing to explore new editorial and content going forward.  Here is one example.   


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Alert - Ad supported - Free Apps Can Be Spywarebefore you whine about paying for an app, click on image for article about spyware in ad-supported apps There are many "free apps" but disguised as really ad-ware or advertiser supported apps. However, some of the ads may also contain spyware.  Some Apps that call themselves "free" are actually little more than thinly-disguised data thieves.  Downloading one gives the app complete access to your phone, which a fraudster can use to steal your credit card and bank account info.


App recommendations of the week:

- PushGrams

- iFlipTipsPro

- iSleepTrack

- iPartyGramsPro

- ScribbleGrams

See reviews to the side and below. 

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Editor -  Apps Apps Guide



Use this free mobile app to:

Contact One Hour Handy Man
Request for Service
Request a free quote
Contact us - one Touch call or Email
Connect with Facebook, Twitter

Our goal is to make your experience an enjoyable one. 

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App & Developer Achievement Levels Forum offers to both users and developers opportunity to recognize and promote iApps.  That is, users can write reviews and recognize their favorites.  Developers can also apply to recognize their company through an increasingly "due diligence" process in order to demonstrate product, business and customer satisfaction. 

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Boodang Music App making you move since 1999. Boodang has been hard at work to develop its first App. In this App you will find a Podcast with the freshest Dj's sets and Video's from recent events. Easily download them for your listening and viewing pleasure. There is a Gallery Section where you can go and check out the pictures and photo booth pictures from recent events, and download them right to your phone.

In the Events section find out all about upcoming club shows, concerts, All Night events, and Festivals. Instantly buy your tickets from the ticket section or look up the nearest authorized ticket outlets.


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Travel Store convenience at your finger tips from your travel partner TravelStoreTravelStore is pleased to release it's first mobile app for iPhone/iPad. We've developed this app to help TravelStore customers with their travel itineraries.

This app will allow you to:
1. Manage Itineraries via
2. Check Flight Status
3. Call TravelStore
4. Email TravelStore
5. Look up Global Travel Warnings
6. Share via Facebook and Twitter
7. Download helpful Travel Apps


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Modeling App 


Pacifi Modeling lets you network with MODELS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, MAKE-UP ARTISTS, FASHION DESIGNERS, ACTORS and DIRECTORS on your I phone

- Upload your portfolio
- Network with professionals
- Rate professionals
- Book photo shoots
- Stay updated with the latest in photography and modeling
Friend requests, photo uploads, messaging, create bio, search for models and photographers around the world.


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Radio Station App, the English radio station of SAFRA Radio in Singapore, is a 24-hour English entertainment station which features contemporary pop music with a pinch of oldies plus
the latest entertainment news and sports updates.

As part of a major revamp, which includes changing its slogan from Hit Music and More to Hear The Difference, an overhaul of the station's website and a new line-up of DJs, programmes and a new mobile application. The mobile application allows users to view the programme details, DJ profiles, listen to the radio station live. Participate in the social feature of the app and tag your song memories with locations and descriptions of those memories. See which artistes have the most tagged songs!


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Nokia broadband has hit the mass market with a bang, bringing huge opportunities along with many challenges for the underlying mobile networks. Nokia Siemens Networks will be sharing how innovative technologies can help operators to define new business models which have been presented at the Barcelona MWC 2012.

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Puzzle Game Hunter is a FREE highly addictive and entertaining puzzle game for K-POP star G.NA fans. See your favourite K-POP star G.NA while you solve the puzzle game. You will fall in love with this game and G.NA too. With G.NA Hunter, you'll feel happier, excited and definitely having much more Fun!

G.NA Hunter is not just any simple puzzle game. You get to challenge yourself with different stages and levels of difficulty. You can see more and MORE of G.NA with each puzzle solved. This is going to be a totally different kind of experience for you!


If you have an interest in getting an app like this click here.


Radio Control Flying App's Flying Where is a free app for radio control (RC) pilots to see who is flying when and where. Set up your flight plans, even at the last minute, and your buddies will get an automatic notice as soon as you arrive at the field. Add your own flying locations or use the database of more than 2,000 fields.


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Tatoo App's a fast, fun way to design your tattoo. Take your photos and convert them into tattoos. The tattoo possibilities are endless.
Just select your body image.
Then convert your photo and tattoo.
Edit and share your tattoo.

You can size, rotate, erase, and even age your tattoo. Image being able to see your tattoo before you get inked up.


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Editor's Choice

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone.  We cannot review or evaluate all of them.  However, if you have a fav, send us why it's important and we will give it a look.



Sleep Cycle - Smart Alarm Clock Cycle monitors your movement during sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone.  Sleep Cycle then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time.  Since you move differently in bed during the different phases, Sleep Cycle can use the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement and determine which sleep phase you are in.  Sleep Cycle wakes you when you are in your lightest sleep phase.


iSlick helps you save and gives you ideas at the same time! It shows you the most recent deals in electronics, clothing, gifts, HDTVs, blu-ray movies, games, groceries, home essentials and many more.  You can vote for deals and see what other people liked. You can follow friends and get followers that share your deal taste. You will discover new things and get your shopping inspiration from slick shoppers with similar interests.


Cisco Global Internet Speed Test

Users can submit their test location enabling the global user community to learn the places with the fastest speeds and compare cellular and Wi-Fi speeds with iPhone, and Android users around the world.

User Speed Classifications

Web Grade (150Kbps - 449Kbps):
Your connection can support Web browsing, email, text messaging and other basic tasks.

Music Grade (450Kbps - 749Kbps):
Your connection is good enough for audio streaming or downloads and basic web browsing.

SD Video Grade (750Kbps - 1149 Kbps):
Your connection can support standard definition rich media content.

HD Video Grade (1150Kbps and Greater):
Your connection is strong enough to support high definition rich media content.


MyFitnessPal weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter. With the largest food database of any calorie counter (over 2 million foods), and amazingly fast food and exercise entry, we'll help you take those extra pounds off! There is no faster or easier diet tracking app than MyFitnessPal. 


iPartyGramPro - Party Invitation App Features:
- Unlimited party app for iPhone/iPad
- Organize and invite guests via Contact Lists
- Post Party Pics to Facebook, Twitter and Email
- Use Invitation Designs included or create your own Invitation Design
- Secure Party VIPs can post pics
- Secure Party Guests can only view
- New Party Tips & Ideas on website
- Pro Version has an integrated calendar with more than 180 unique icons to describe the event.


Independent Review by J.H

Have you ever been missing out on something for a long time, something your friends may have had for months, and then, all of the sudden, you finally find it for yourself. You're thrilled! You wonder how you could have been without this for so long. This is exactly how I felt after discovering iPartyGramPro. Are you the socialite type who's always entertaining other people? Do you like to have smaller, more intimate gatherings? Do you find planning a party stressful or hectic because of organizational problems? If any of this is true of you, then there is no doubt iPartyGramPro will be invaluable to you.


This app is the easiest way to get parties planned in today's cyber world. To get started, all you have to do is click on Plan Parties. From here, another simple click on a + sign allows you to add parties Yes it's that simple - which is the name of the game with this professional little app. iPartyGramPro is definitely one of the easiest to use apps out there. With its intuitive design, anybody can figure out how to use all it's features within minutes of downloading.


Once you have added a party, you can easily add all of the following: Party name, host name, date & time, where the party is to be held, notes and email/contact #. I personally made use of notes, because it is the perfect way to give you guests some simple directions or options such as "bring your own drinks," what type of entertainment is going to be available, and proper dress attire, such as semi-formal or casual. I put this app to use last night for a small gathering and my guest really liked seeing the extra notes, as it didn't leave them guessing about what kind of food to bring or what they should wear.


I really loved the option of adding photos, as I'm an avid photographer. Once you're done setting up your invitation, you're able to view your parties and invite guests. This is very easy to do by simply adding friends from your contacts list. You can designate someone as a VIP which allows them to add pics to the party. As is typical of's apps, integrated tools and features round out the entire experience. iPartyGramPro acts as a cool, feature packed sketchbook and all around great notepad which adds a nice touch to the app's total package. There is of course, a built in calendar for keeping track of your parties.


I wouldn't mind to see buttons for the "View Parties & Invite Guests" and "Plan Parties" text controls on the opening screen. I also in favor of a different icon for the app (just don't care for the college girl on the dance floor look) in general, plus a different background for the main screen in general just because I think this would increase appeal to everyone, besides just catering to one single audience stereotype. I just think it would make it a bit more versatile and it would be more marketable, since all types of people are party planners. This of course, just my opinion. Otherwise, this program gets five stars from me and its one I'll definitely be using for a long time to come. Sometimes you have buyer's remorse after you download another cookie-cutter app. iPartyGramPro is just too versatile and feature packed not to have around on your iDevice. You'll find yourself using it all the time. This app fills a niche that's been cracked for a long time, and does so with style. I love it!


Pictagram's very exciting to provide 'one-touch' user feature access," he added. Pictagrams has numerous business and personal applications. Here are the Top-10 users for Pictagrams:
- "Shop and Share" is where you can shop, get feedback, post ideas for your friends to see and have more fun shopping.
- Party time shots for Facebook walls and Tweets to your peeps.
- FashionPics - post your "posing" to your friends.
- ClubPics - at a club, want to share the experience on Twitter or Facebook, pictagram-it with one-touch.
- Biz-Pics - in a meeting need to get a pic of the preso posted or emailed quickly.
- Site-Shots - at a construction site, need to get the 'change order' approved or resolved quickly, pictagram-it off to the architect.
- CrimeShots - at an accident, crime scene, need a closeup of the crash, pictagram-it off to the insurance company.
- NewsShots - get your breaking news shot on Twitter before anyone else. 



ChicsTech Blog 


Tango fact, it's no longer accurate to call Tango a "video chat service" as we once did - it's now a social platform. The company has been slowly inching in this direction with the launch of video messaging and, more recently, text messaging. Today, it goes even further with the debut of photo-sharing features and its first in-app game, which Tango users can play together in real-time. 


iMakeupMirror the iCompactMirror, the always "in hand" iPhone eliminates handbag clutter and can be used anywhere you go! iCompactMirror, available on the new iPhone 4 brings the portability of a makeup mirror to your phone. Evaluators echo the same sentiment, "this cool app makes touch up easy," Lauren. "I'm always on the go and iCompactMirror puts a mirror in my hand anytime." Erin - triathlete. "At night, in bars, in the restroom, on the plane . . ., I can touch up my face anywhere," Leslie. "The iCompactMirror lighting options makes checking makeup easy so I can always look my best!"

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Top-10 Crimestoppers Tips for Smartphone and Tablet Security

iSleepTrack - Sleep App Review  


Really that's just one feature of this all-in-one sleep program. You can easily change your background to something that suits you from several different choices. Also included is a Snooze function, designed for the quick nap or after waking up after a short night of sleep when you just need that extra 10 minutes of shut-eye. Everyone knows that science has proven the efficacy of naps. Very beneficial to human health, having a timer to guide your cat nap will allow you to wake up well rested and not in drowsy state of mind.

           Remember that this is a sleep app. That so, there is much more to sleeping than naps. That's right, you'll need a full night (or day for you night shift workers). The problem is, not everyone is of the same physical and mental makeup. While one person might consider 6 hours a full night of sleep, the next needs a good 8 or 9 hours to feel rested. Also, everyone has a different schedule. Well, iSleepTrack has a solution. It has the basic functionality to set the time you want to sleep to. But you also get to choose your alarm in the form of music and/or vibration. On top of that, you get a nice sleep aid, music/sound to go to sleep to. Science has proven this to be very beneficial and it is recommended by top professionals in the field of sleep medicine. Also displayed is the weather forecast with the high and low temperatures and the outlook for the day plus a neat looking digital clock look alike. If you happen to wake up earlier than intended, all you have to do is simply click on the bright yellow "Awake" button.

            This application is truly feature packed, bleeding edge, and useful in so many ways. So many apps downloaded are quickly deleted soon after due to lack of features or failure to function properly. You won't be getting rid of this quickly. You'll soon have better groomed sleep schedule and thank yourself for it. We tested this app, and liked it compared to other sleep apps due to its simplicity to use and extra "Snap" feature. You'll find that this will quickly become one of your most used apps.

We give it 5 out 5 "Zzz's.".


Push Notifications for Crisis Communications  

For purposes of this article, terrorism are events perpetrated by others against you and trust are events or efforts of goodwill or negligence/incompetency by you. There is one other category such as Katrina falls under trust because it's about what you do when there is a crisis.    We hear every day of hacker attacks but seem a bit blasť" about them until they impact you directly. Few would argue that Identity theft is certainly one of the new growth industries. There are also an increasing amount of gawkers, hackers, attackers whose profession is to ruin you. In addition, there are others like the person who caused the Tylenol poison scare in the 1986 yet still impacting the product today. It may also be blasť' to say that privacy is gone and the more you use social media and indeed, the less privacy you have. It is also easy enough to understand is theft of credit cards and user account information perpetrated by evildoers.


It's not that you will be attacked, you already are being attacked, your IT security staff and others are already at work trying to stop them. The question is when hackers succeed and the odds are they will, do you have a crisis strategy plan already in place to respond to it. Because the way you respond to the attack in the new social media, you may have already lost the trust of your customers. We worked on building a strategy process plan ahead of the crisis so everyone knew what do to when it did. Like a fire evacuation plan, except for any attack response plan.

PushGrams is an ideal app for centralized (controlled) and distributed (anyone can post).  You need something more specific to your business or entity within your control other than Twitter. Messaging 

Push Marketing  

Just Enough


Top-10 Issues and Impacts

This is a two-minute read on the business issues, impacts and benefits of push notifications. Apple defines push notifications in three ways

- Sounds: Plays an audible alert

- Alerts/Banners: Displays an alert or banner on the screen

- Badges: Displays an image or number on the application icon


This article is not about the technology but about how to use it. Here is a summary of the Top-10: - Timing - just-in-time

2 - Relevance

3 - Context

4 - Content

5 - Color

6 - Drift

7 - Compliance

8 - Organization

9 - Tech

10 - Trends


World Toyota utilize our free iPhone App to stay current with all things related to your vehicle.
Use this app to:

Contact Collision Center
Schedule Service
Contact us - one Touch call or Email
Connect with Facebook
Request a Quote
Request 24 hour roadside service

If you have an interest in getting an app like this
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IBM Events IBM Events Application has been designed to enhance both the participation and experience of event delegates, speakers and organisers. The application has several features that aim to facility communication and understanding and information sharing. The main features of the IBM events application are:

a. Bar code facility for high speed registration
b. Social media feeds for community integration
c. Resources for downloading event collaterals
d. My Agenda - A personalised events agenda
e. Venue maps that help locate the event venue and help navigation around the event itself
f. Questions facility that allow participants to ask questions and answer speaker questions during the conference
g. Feedback forms that allow delegates to provide feedback on speakers and the event itself
h. Token mechanism that allow delegates to collect and redeem tokens for prizes among other things
i. QR reader for scanning and downloading information at various points during the event. 

The IBM Event Application delivers a new dimension to event orgnisation and participation ensuing a higher level of engagement and participation. 

If you have an interest in getting an app like this
click here.


Mortgage Calculator to Use 4 in one mortgage calculator

1.Purchasing a Home? Easy to use and find out payment on your next home.
2.Refinancing? Easy payment and amortization.
3.How Much Do I Qualify For? Easy steps to find out how much home you qualify for and the payment.
4.Find a Home Request Form. Easy form to request information on homes that fit your needs.
5.Loan Officer Finder. Easy to find a loan officer available in your zip code.

App is all customizable for your company, and easy to use and understand.  Special Loan Officer login to update profile and save contact information in app.

Mortgage Calculator is not a commitment to lend. 

If you have an interest in getting an app like this
click here.


TicketScan Music One Live TicketScan app is a 2D bascode entry validation system which allows venues and artists to scan tickets sold via the Music One Live Ticketing Platform. This application is for Music One Live customers. 

If you have an interest in getting an app like this
click here.




"Must Have App" Review by CampusTechGuide     


Trace Missing or Stolen iPhone, iPad or iTouch as well as send Alarm Messages to Finders or Robbers - click on image for website.


Key features of iTechTrace are:

- Create custom or contact messages in the event of theft suggest as "I will give you a no-questions asked reward for the return of my iPhone."

- Play a siren and warning message sound until the owner changes the status to Safe Mode.

- Provide a map and location based on GPS - certainly helpful to allow law enforcement to get close enough to possibly hear the siren or alarm the stolen device, if the device is turned on and only if the device location services feature is also turned on. 

- Take a picture of the stolen device which may (or may not) show the thief.

- Send an email to the owner with a map of  the location and pic of the holder (i.e. thief) and other useful in providing documentation for law enforcement or insurance. 

iTechTrace was submitted to Appstore for review and now awaiting approval.


Independent Review - by J.H

This is a pre-release test review.  

We're constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest must-have app.  Looks like we've found it in iTechTrace, one of the best tracking apps for your iDevice out there.  With its simple streamlined design, this app doesn't hog system resources on your phone or tablet, yet it's still simply powerful in what it does.  One of the biggest trends we are seeing these days is theft of all Apple devices.  Deemed Apple-Picking or iTheft this new trend is hitting all of the major cities around the world, and leaves no the place untouched by this easy hockable device which can be shipped to anywhere as fast as it is stolen.     

Crime notwithstanding, it's simple enough to just simply lose your iDevice. Leaving it at the mall, on the counter of the latest placed you used it to purchase your items, or somewhere else - this happens time and time again.  Simply losing your device doesn't seem like much of an option, considering these devices have value into the many of hundreds of dollars.  Why not take action?

This is where iTechTrace comes into play.  Designed from the ground up to keep your device secure, this app allows you to track down your phone or tablet in an instant, utilizing its GPS and Wifi capabilities.  It also has extra features for deterring theft, such as the option to message the thief or person who found your phone with a message, such as "Please call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx" or "Be a good Samaritan and please return my phone for a reward."  These messages are pushed to your device repeatedly so that they will be noticed as well as a picture and email of the location.

               We really like this app. So take it from us, this is one app you want to have on your home screen.  Take a bite out of crime - it is a "must-have" app for every iDevice.  We give iTechTrace 5 out of 5 stars!


ScribbleGrams     is a scribblepad, doodlepad, drawing, sketchpad, art gallery, postit notes, scratchpad and personal notecards for iPhone and iPad.

ScribbleGrams users can change backgrounds, add their own pics/snaps and notes to their post pads at any time. Users have their own MyGallery to see their picture posts.

Users can draw their own backgrounds or use more than 75 different kinds of backgrounds which are included. Users can add/take photos or personal drawings from the iPhone or iPad Gallery. Users can change backgrounds, pics and notes to their post pads at any time. Users have their own MyGallery to see their picture posts.

ScribbleGrams can be posted and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and via email.


Independent Review - by J.H

Tired of the same old boring note apps?  I think we all are.  Great news!  When it comes to exciting apps has the market cornered and one of their coolest apps to date is ScribbleGrams.  With ScribbleGrams, you'll be taking the most creative notes ever.  ScribbleGrams  is a sketchbook, a notepad, and general ideapad all in one.  With colorful backgrounds, the ability to draw, type, and paint-this little app is packed full of great features and best of all - it's completely advertisement free.  And with every note you take, you'll have the option to share anything you want via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.  


Have you ever wondered why you have to have a separate app for everything?  So many apps out there are designed to do just one thing, but this is not the case with ScribbleGrams.  It is a truly multifaceted program that's sure to entertain and keep you productive at the same time.  ScribbleGrams is must have for any student, employer/employee, or housewife with its ability to keep you organized for the whole day.  It's fantastic for reminders, yet they'll never be plain again.  You'll be able to show off your creativity to all your friends and they'll be in the loop with what's going on in your life.  Users can add pictures and take photos to share simply by selecting the Gallery button.  You'll never need another note taking app, ever!  What's more, you'll be more in control and on top of your life than ever when using this app.  You'll will never want to go without ScribbleGrams ever again.  ScribbleGrams is sure to be one of your most used apps.  Give it a download and you won't regret it.  I give it two thumbs up and I'm sure you'll love it, too.


City App the powerful PointNgo technology to scan your surroundings and navigate important hot-spots in the city. Center City is the only online source with Real-Time Parking for LIVE parking locations, availability and pricing in Uptown Charlotte. Utilize the Find Your Center Calendar for a comprehensive list of social, cultural, and business events happening in the heart of the city of Charlotte. Take on Uptown Charlotte with confidence, while armed with this powerful application.


PointNgo: Simply activate the PointNgo feature to scan your surroundings; when in uptown, the application will point you towards nearby landmarks and attractions. Don't wander Uptown Charlotte on your own; let pointNgo help.

Real-Time Parking: Never again will you find yourself in the stressful position of searching for parking in Uptown. Our Live Parking feature provides up to the minute pricing, availability and locations for the entire center city area. Remove the hassle from your next Uptown trip.
FYC Calendar: Ever feel like you're missing out on events in Uptown Charlotte? The FYC Calendar compiles all the social, cultural and business events into one place, so you can plan your schedule with confidence. Easy "map it" and "add to calendar" functions streamline finding and attending events in Uptown Charlotte.


If you have an interest in getting an app like this click here.


Business App whether you want to start a company or run a business better, you know what you want. The difficult part is making it happen.  You know that growth requires the stewardship of a good entrepreneur, but what is a "good entrepreneur," really?  Truth is, there is no perfect recipe for excellent entrepreneurship. There are a lot of common ingredients: strategic marketing, strong leadership, team building, networking.  The difficulty comes in finding the right measurements, the perfect balance of these ingredients that will lead to the most expansion.

This usually takes a lot of time, experimentation and experience. Or, you can watch lessons from insiders who have spent years testing what works best, and learn from their wisdom and mistakes.  This app contains 50 hand-picked lessons from founders and CEOs from a range of fields. If you're a startup, learn how to get funding and build a company culture primed for growth.


If you have an interest in getting an app like this click here.


SmartPhone-Tablet CrimeStoppers - Top-10 ChecklistTips     more than two million iPhones, iPads, iTouch and other Apple devices stolen or lost annually, there is a critical need to provide an alert, tracking, trace and recovery app.     and in particular iPhone and iPad theft is, according to many sources, the #1 cause of crime in the U.S. and probably in the world. easily stolen and "hockable" expensive devices are major targets for personal, gang and even organized crime. If you own such a device, you should know you are a target for criminals and some will kill you for it.  In addition, there also reports of identity theft as these devices are easily and rapidly shipped overseas where there is no track of theft.


iTechTrace     announces iTechTrace app for Apple iPhone and iPad coming soon on iTunes.  With more than two million iPhones, iPads, iTouch and other Apple devices stolen or lost annually, there is a critical need to provide an alert, tracking, trace and recovery app.   You can send a message to the robber that the iPhone/iPad/iTouch has been stolen. A siren alarm can be generated to get them to drop it, run away or bring it back for a reward.  You can create your own message with a "good Samaritan" message or reward to entice them to bring it back without any repercussions.  

Here are some of the comments from users/reviewers:

- "iTechTrace was used to help me recover my missing iPhone left in a taxi cab.  "iTechTrace is a must-have app for every iPhone/iPad owner."

- "My iPhone was pickpocketed on dance floor. By the time I turned around there were too many people to figure out who took it.  Had I had the app, I would have at least had a chance to get it back."

- "My iPhone was inside my jacket and the thief stole the jacket and got my iPhone and a lot of cash. iTechTrace is very critical personal security system because I might have gotten my iPhone and jacket back too."


iFlipTipsPro - Flip/Flash Card & Art App


1) iFlipCards lets you make Q&A flipcards, capture audio, video, text and take/use pics and answer with pics, video, text and audio. iFlipTips is a simple to use, notecard builder with text, audio, video and pics.

3) iFlipSlides is an easy to use slide show presentation builder.

4) iFlipCal organizes study, meetings and other events into a calendar including reminders.

5) iFlippads are unique multicolored post notes with multimedia image editor for making sharable dooglegrams.

All three features iFlipTips, iFlipSlides and iFlippads can be shared/posted to Twitter, Linkedin Facebook or email. Capture information and file it fast with unlimited Library Folders and Subfolders. 


Independent Review - J.H.


"If you're looking for the ultimate study-aid app, you've found it. Chocked full of features, iFlipTipsPro has the tools every active student needs to make each day a success. I saw a rating of 5 stars that stated 'Very helpful for school work and studying! If you are looking for a study friend, this is the way to go!,' After this, I knew I had to try it. iFlipTipsPro is truly the all in one app, saving you the hassle of switching between all those single functioning programs out there.

This handy tool includes everything you need to make the most advanced flash cards you could ever dream of. With the ability to add text, audio, video, and images - iFlipTipsPro truly has it all. While the main focus is on creating highly interactive flash cards, there is so much more this program does. With a simple to use interface, you're sure to be using all of iFlipTipPro's features within minutes of downloading the program. This app comes with a built in calendar with event planning for extra convenience. This is a great feature to have for busy students on the run, especially with all the appointments and deadlines of today's modern world. It allows you to add a note to each date, plus, you're able to mark each calendar event with a unique icon - such as deadline, paper, exam, class, study, club and over sixty more to choose from.

Great for students, yet versatile enough to be used by anyone - from businessmen to housewives. Everyone can find uses for this unique program. One of the key features that makes this app so great is the ability to share all of the content created across a wide variety of mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or email. IflipTipsPro includes a wonderful notepad with many options for backgrounds. It also has a full featured sketchpad which comes in handy in a variety of situations or for when you just need some entertainment.


IflipTipsPro is my new go to app when I need to remember something important or for my own personal self-education needs. Its great at what it does and I give it 5 stars for all around performance. I'm positive that if you give it a try, you'll feel the same way."


Career Success Planning in Today's Social-Media Driven Economy       


Top-10 Checklist - Skills, Tech and Networking

By Thomas Cross & Daniel Pearson

Here are ten quick tips to help you in your career pursuits and some ideas, tips and thoughts to engage and protect you as well as maximize your efforts in this life-long journey.


1 - Qualifications, not resumes - skills needed like project management, technical skills, communications, and collaboration

2 - Get Connected - Linkedin, FB, Twitter, Instagram which one for which use.

3 - Communications - onsite and online - elevator - cold calls - blogging

4 - Manage your social media reputation - WIDD (When In Doubt Delete) 

Click on image for all ten. - Privacy, disclosure and legal discovery - Realize everything you do is public

6 - Texting & Career Development

7 - Gossip - Buzz - Spin - Hype - traveling faster than the speed of light

8 - Virtual Office (VO) - Moving ideas, not people

9 - Tech

10 - Always looking for the next job - it may be your own job 10 Dumbest Risks People Take With Their Smartphones  

There are many "free apps" but disguised as really ad-ware or advertiser supported apps.  However, some of the ads may also contain spyware which as you will read below can attack your mobile device.   Click on the ABCNews icon for the complete list.  

#7 - #Downloading "free" apps that aren't actually free.  Some Apps that call themselves "free" are actually little more than thinly-disguised data thieves. one gives the app complete access to your phone, which a fraudster can use to steal your credit card and bank account info. Such apps also can turn your phone into a launch pad from which scammers can attack other peoples' phones with SMS texts and Smishing scams."   Bottom-line - don't dismiss paying for an app other you may end up paying even more.



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